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Tochigi Leather

  • Tochigi Leather
  • The features

    Tanned through traditional methods that use 100% vegetable tannin, this leather is made at Tochigi Leather, a world-renowned Japanese tannery.

    The tannery, Tochigi Leather makes leathers in varying colors, textures, and degrees of suppleness depending on the finishing method used after tanning. KOTOKA has selected a type of leather that has been thoroughly tumbled with rich oil contents. The leather is thick yet extremely supple. It gently wraps your feet from the first time you wear the shoes.

    It is also characterized by the natural texture produced as a result of the tumbling process. The texture may be smooth or grainy depending on the cut, giving the leather a rich complexion that makes each and every shoe unique. Some of them shows natural markings of leather. However, every shoe boasts the charming texture, showing that the leather is completely natural and organic. The leather will develop character as it is breaks in, and for light-colored leather, the shade will darken over time.

How to care

Brushing is all that is required for daily care. Remove dust from the shoes with horse hair brush after you wear them. This simple process takes less than a minute and makes a big difference in the long run if you remember to do it each time. If your shoes get wet or muddy in the rain, wipe them with a dry cloth before applying the brush.

If the surface begins to appear dry and crusty, or if you would like to add luster, use a small amount of shoe cream to spread a thin layer over the entire shoe and polish it with a brush or soft cloth. It is useful to have a natural (colorless) shoe cream that can be used on any color of leather.

While the leather absorbs water easily, getting it slightly wet will not damage its suppleness or durability. However, for light-colored leather, getting drenched is a risk of staining. Please be careful not to expose your shoes to too much water. If they get wet, dry them thoroughly in the shade for several days before applying shoe cream.

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