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Tatsuno Hand-waxed Leather

  • Tatsuno Hand-waxed Leather
  • The features

    This leather is made at a tannery in the historic leather production region of Tatsuno, Hyogo, where vegetable tanned leather is dyed from its grain (skin surface). For this coloring process, dyes are used instead of pigments, which means the color is able to permeate the leather. After adding oil, wax is rubbed into the leather by hand, one piece at a time.

    Warm, melted wax is rubbed into the leather, and then a large hand iron is used to make the wax permeated into the leather. This process is repeated three or four times. Rubbed in by hand, the wax adds depth to the color, resulting in a soft, even shade with a translucent effect that differs from colors that are applied uniformly.

    Known as “teacore”, this leather is brown under the surface. The leather develops its patina over time, as wearing the shoes. It is relatively resistant to water damage and can be worn without worry on days with light rain.

How to care

Brushing is all that is required for daily care. Remove dust from the shoes with a long bristle brush (horse hair is recommended) after you wear them. This simple process takes less than a minute and makes a big difference in the long run if you remember to do it each time.

If your shoes get wet or muddy in the rain, wipe them off with a soft cloth and allow them to dry naturally. Do not use waterproof spray. Solvents in the spray may dissolve the wax on the surface of the leather and cause stains.

If the surface of the leather loses moisture, or if you would like to add luster, use a small amount of shoe cream to spread a thin layer over the entire shoe and polish it with a brush or soft cloth. It is useful to have a colorless shoe cream that can be used on any color of leather.

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